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 Our first fan art by @gr3m9999!

Grem Fan Art.png

Aaron started configuring the idea of That Big D&D Energy during the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. He wanted to be able to see friends and keep their bond strong, even if over video chat. So he chose an outlet that would entice even the most resilient of normal people; Dungeons & Dragons. Aaron produces, edits, and writes what's needed to outline the story (DM) and his players/friends go absolutely nuts. He also runs and operates his own theatre company in Chicago (Blank Theatre Company)! The ultimate goal of the podcast is to someday institute it as a nonprofit combining mental health and TTRPGs.

Aaron Mann

Soprano Allison Mann (Ensemble) hails from small-town, Red Oak, IA. She has been seen in many performances as a member of several opera companies around the world. Allison completed her Master of Music in Vocal Performance at the University of Northern Colorado and her Bachelor of Music degree at Nebraska Wesleyan University.  Allison was also named a finalist in the 2017 Colorado/Wyoming NATS competition.  

None of that matters to a bunch of nerd-asses who only know her as Flint Frostbeard—a cynical,
old dwarf cleric whose bad life choices have caused his comrades' certain peril because he spends
more time praying to Argentahl than fighting bad guys. Allison would like everyone to know
she’s a pretty, pretty Princess. Flint would like everyone to know he fucked Candyman’s
fiancé…or mother…he can’t remember for sure…

Allison Bio Pic.png
Ali Mann 

Flint Frostbeard
Dustin Sutliff

Greetings Mortals this is Nezran….er Scott Shomaker! I play Nezran on that BigDnDEnergy Podcast. I am an unabashed nerd and lover of Warhammer 40K. I went to college with many of my castmates and have my MFA from FSU. Some goals I have for myself and for this podcast are to grow it to a sustainable level and to just see where the story takes us! I currently reside in Nebraska with plans to move to the big city someday. Thanks, everyone so much for listening!

Scott Bio Pic.png
Scott Shomaker
Wesley Van Hoosen -
Eros Eladrin

Our Incredible Guest Artists!

Myles Bio Pic.png

Myles Phillips
Klondike Zoluan

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